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The Tour of Britain 2016: Participating Teams Part 3

The tour of Britain 2016 is the biggest event of cycling Road Race which will held in the British Land. The competitors from different country amongst the Europe have come along the way to participate the biggest cycling Race.

The Tour Of Britain 2016 is going to start from the 4th of September 2016 till 10th of September 2016. The tour will start from the town of Beaumaris which is also an inaugural event for the Cycling event of Tour of Britain. The tour will end by the 10h of September, where all the riders will touchdown the finishing line at London; with an interval of 8 stages.

The Britain biggest event of cycling Road Race will be participated by many countries all over Europe and come together in the cycling summit here in Britain. So there are many teams coming from European countries and they are counted as to be total of 20 teams which comprised of 9 world tour team, 3 Professional continental teams, 7 continental team and 1 British National team; participating in the following cycling competitions where the teams were distributed in different four parts.

The Tour of Britain 2016: Participating Teams Part 3

For the Cycling Tour of Britain 2016, the participating from the Part 3 comprised of 3 teams which among the World Tour Teams and they are Lotto-Soudal (Belgium), Movistar Team (Spain) and Team Sky (Great Britain).

All the team members of the following Teams are coming from the Europe and the participants are also from the different countries that include Belgium, Spain, USA, Australia and many more.

Team- Lotto-Soudal

The team Lotto-Soudal is the Belgian professional Cycling team which is own by one of the biggest Adhesive product company- Lotto &Soudal.

The Belgian team is managed by the Belgian Marc Sergeant and Bill Oliver, the team is also assisted by Herman Frison, Jean-Pierre Heyndericks, Bart Leysen, Marc Wauters, Mario 

Aerts&MichielElijzen who were the back bone of the team and all the important facilities for the participant is provided by these Gentlemen.

In the team- Lotto-Soudal there are more than 25 participants riding in the Tour of Britain cycling Road Race. And the team is mixed with countries like USA, Spain, Australia and mostly Belgium.
The team UCI code is LTS, which was first founded on 1984 in Belgium and now has become the UCI world Tour Team.

The team have last seen their victory on their homeland National championship 2016 and Jurgen Van den Broeck- the winner rider from the team who had achieve his victory over the Belgian Time-Trial Road Race 2016.

Team - Movistar Team

The team Movistar is the Spanish bicycle road racing team which was first formed on 1980 and its UCI code is MOV. The team is marked as UCI world Team who have participate most of the cycling tournament in the national and international levels.

The team Movistar is led and managed by EusebioUnzué and also the team is assisted by José Vicente "Chente" Garcia Acosta. The Movistar team is one of the most titles winning team and recently in 2016 the team have achieved 4 Cycling Road Race championship. The winning participants are Alex Dowsett- Winner of the British Time Trial Championship 2016; Adriano Malori- Winner of the Italy Time Trial Championship 2016; Jonathan Castroviejo- Winner of the Spain Time Trial championship 2016; Alejandro Valverde- Winner of the Spain Road Race 2016.

After the certain great victory, the team is all set to bring another winning title to their teams for the Tour of Britain cycling race 2016.

Team-  Team Sky

The Team Sky is the British cycling Road Race team who were the world tour team and are one of the most victorious team among the UCI teams.

The UCI code of the team is SKY and the team is managed by the professional retired rider Dave Brailsford. The team have marked many victories in the last race season where team have bag many wins from the National and international level championships.

The most winning participant of the team are Richie Porte- Winner of the Australian National Time Trial Championship 2015; VasilKiryienka- Winner of the European Game Time trail & Belarus Time Trial Championship 2015; Peter Kennaugh- Winner of the British National Time Trial championship.

So here above are the Tour of Britain 2016 participating Teams Part 3 who were the UCI world Tour team and have participated in almost all the world cycling Race. And also have mention the best rider among the team, who is seem to be more promising for achieving victories in the Tour of Britain cycling Race championship 2016

Complete list of the Tour of Britain 2016 Winners name

Tour of Britain 2016 Winners name :- The Tour of Britain 2016 is the most awaited Bicycle Road Race competition which is going to be held in Great Britain while the first race will start from 4th of September 2016. All the riders from different countries like Italy, USA, France and also other European countries have come together in the summit of Bicycle racing. According to the Report, the Tour Of Britain 2016 is under the affiliation of UCI Tour while Great Britain is the host country this year.

There are about 20 teams participating the Tour of Britain 2016, while each team is comprised of more than 25 member or riders. And the team have to travel long distances upto 200 Km for a week with an interval of 8 stages. So, the competition is going to be very interesting on the main event.

Tour of Britain- History of the UCI

The UCI is a French term that stands for Union CyclisteInternationale- International Cycling Union (English). Back in 1900, that is about 118 year ago, the world Cycling Race have been set where world cycling competition is taken part by many countries every years. The cycling Road Race competition has been started from the decades, where players from different countries. Mainly the European countries like France, Great Britain, Italy, Rome, Greece, Belgium, and Germany were the first to start the world cycling tour and later with more popularity it has turn into World Championship competition.

The UCI is also then got affiliated by International Olympic Committee and the game- cycling race has become part of every Olympic event. Thus the Cycling Race has become more preferred sport all over the world.

There is some of the great Bicycle riders, who have set a history and are now their skills are being taught and learn for the winning formulae. 

Tour Of Britain- Complete List of winner’s name

Year    Race name                 Winner                        Team/Country
1945    Victory Marathon        Robert Batot                France
1946    Brighton-Glasgow       Mike Peers                  Manchester
1947    Brighton-Glasgow       George Kessock         Paris Cycles
1948    Brighton-Glasgow       Tom Saunders            Dayton Cycles
1949    Brighton-Glasgow       Geoff Clark                 ITP
1950    Brighton-Glasgow       George Lander            Fréjus Cycles
1951    Butlin Tour                   Stan Blair                    England
1951    Brighton-Glasgow       Ian Greenfield             Comet CC
1951    Tour of Britain             Ian Steel                      Viking Cycles
1952    Brighton-Glasgow       Bill Bellamy                 Romford CC
1952    Tour of Britain             Ken Russell                 Ellis Briggs
1953    Brighton-Newcastle    Frank Edwards           Norfolk Olympic
1953    Tour of Britain             Gordon Thomas          BSA Cycles
1954    Circuit of Britain          VivBailes                     Teesside
1954    Tour of Britain             EugèneTambourlini     France
1955    Circuit of Britain          Des Robinson             Yorkshire
1955    Tour of Britain             Tony Hewson              Sheffield
1956    Circuit of Britain          Dick McNeil                North-east
1958    Milk Race                    Richard Durlacher      Austria
1959    Milk Race                    Bill Bradley                  England
1960    Milk Race                    Bill Bradley                  England
1961    Milk Race                    Billy Holmes                England
1962    Milk Race                    EugenPokorny            Poland
1963    Milk Race                    Pete Chisman             England
1964    Milk Race                    Arthur Metcalfe           England
1965    Milk Race                    Les West                     Midlands
1966    Milk Race                    JózefGawliczek          Poland
1967    Milk Race                    Les West                     Britain
1968    Milk Race                    GöstaPettersson         Sweden
1969    Milk Race                    Fedor den Hertog        Netherlands
1970    Milk Race                    Jiri Manus                   Czechoslovakia
1971    Milk Race                    Fedor den Hertog        Netherlands
1972    Milk Race                    Hennie Kuiper             Netherlands
1973    Milk Race                    Piet van Katwijk          Netherlands
1974    Milk Race                    Roy Schuiten              Netherlands
1975    Milk Race                    Bernt Johansson         Sweden
1976    Milk Race                    Bill Nickson                 Britain
1977    Milk Race                    Said Gusseinov           USSR
1978    Milk Race                    Jan Brzeźny                Poland
1979    Milk Race                    Yuri Kashirin                USSR
1980    Milk Race                    Ivan Mitchenko           USSR
1981    Milk Race                    Sergei Krivosheev      USSR
1982    Milk Race                    Yuri Kashirin                USSR
1983    Milk Race                    Matt Eaton                  USA
1984    Milk Race                    Oleg Czougeda           USSR
1985    Milk Race                    Eric van Lancker        Fangio
1986    Milk Race                    Joey McLoughlin        ANC
1987    Milk Race                    Malcolm Elliott                        ANC
1987    Kellogg's Tour             Joey McLoughlin        ANC
1988    Milk Race                    Vasily Zhdanov           USSR
1988    Kellogg's Tour             Malcolm Elliott                        Fagor
1989    Milk Race                    Brian Walton               7-Eleven
1989    Kellogg's Tour             Robert Millar               Z-Peugeot
1990    Milk Race                    Shane Sutton              Banana
1990    Kellogg's Tour             Michel Dernies            Weinnmann-SMM
1991    Milk Race                    Chris Walker               Banana
1991    Kellogg's Tour             Phil Anderson              Motorola
1992    Milk Race                    Conor Henry               Ireland
1992    Kellogg's Tour             Max Sciandri               Motorola
1993    Milk Race                    Chris Lillywhite            Banana
1993    Kellogg's Tour             Phil Anderson              Motorola
1994    Kellogg's Tour             Maurizio Fondriest      Lampre
1998    PruTour                       Stuart O'Grady           CréditAgricole
1999    PruTour                       Marc Wauters             Rabobank

Competition Stops five-year   

2004    Tour of Britain Mauricio Ardila (COL)             Chocolade Jacques-Wincor Nixdorf
2005    Tour of Britain Nick Nuyens (BEL)                             Quick Step Innergetic
2006    Tour of Britain Martin Pedersen (DEN)                      Team CSC
2007    Tour of Britain RomainFeillu (FRA)                            Agritubel
2008    Tour of Britain GeoffroyLequatre (FRA)                    Agritubel
2009    Tour of Britain EdvaldBoasson Hagen (NOR)           Team Columbia-HTC
2010    Tour of Britain Michael Albasini (SUI)                        Team HTC-Columbia
2011    Tour of Britain Lars Boom (NED)                               Rabobank
2012    Tour of Britain Nathan Haas (AUS)                            Garmin-Sharp
2013    Tour of Britain Bradley Wiggins (GBR)                      Team Sky
2014    Tour of Britain Dylan van Baarle (NED)                     Garmin-Sharp

So here above are the most important and historical details about the UCI Cycling Road Race competition while the Tour of Britain is the latest tournament and the result and name of the winner will be revealed afther 10th of September 2016 i.e. the end of the Tournament. Hope you have enjoyed reading all the details about the tour of Britain, which is going to be live on 4th of September 2016.
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Tour of Britain 2016 Participating Teams Part 2

Tour of Britain 2016 Participating Teams Part 2: The world cycling tour will be started on 4th of September 2016, where the cycling race will be held on the lands of Britain. The Tour of Britain 2016 is a part of UCI Europe Tour 2016 where all the riders from all over the European region have come along, to participate the most important and largest event of Cycling race competition.

The Tour of Britain for the Cycling Road Race will last for a week where the riders have to face tough roads and level comprising of 8 stages. On the first day, the race is going to start on the street of Beaumarisi.e. on 4th of September while the Race ends at London on 10th of September.

There are many riders and about 20 teams have participate the Road Race of Cycling Tour in England. The team are again further distributed under the Parts, while here we are going to guide you the complete details about the Part 2 teams for the Tour of Britain 2016.

Tour of Britain 2016 Participating Team Part 2

The part 2 team for the Tour Of Britain consist of 3 teams where they are UCI world Tour Team and also Pro Continental Team. The following team will be Racing on the track of England’s street and only one will be the winner. The riders has to go through the tough road and long distance of more than 200 Km in a single day. And the total of 8 stages is counted and the duration of one week with an interval.

So here below is the list of Part 2 Team for the Tour of Britain 2016.

Team - Etixx-Quick Step

Etixx-Quick Step is a Belgian Team of professional bicycle riders founded on 2003 and they were managed by the ex-cyclist Patrick Lefévère. The team UCI code is EQS and the UCI have mark as the World Tour Cycling team. The Director of the team is DavideBramati, WilfriedPeeters, Rik Van Slycke, Tom Steels, Brian Holm, Rolf Aldag and Jan Schaffrath.

 Etixx-Quick Step

The Etixx is the main sponsors of the team which is the Czech producer of supplements and nutrition products and the Quick Step were the Laminate Flooring company.

The team Etixx-Quick Step were the famous team and they always were a part of any cycling Race and being one of the tough contender team. The Etixx-Quick Step team have also achieve many important goals very quickly and recently 2016 cycling tour, the riders like RigobertoUrán, who is an Colombian Rider have won the Colombian National Time Trial Championship 2016, while Tony Martin who is a German Rider have brought the victory for the team in the German National Time Trial Championship 2016. And also PetrVakočhave won the Czech National Road Race Champion 2016 in Zilina, in the Dutch National Road Race Champion,NikiTerpstrawho is a rider from Netherlands.

Team - IAM Cycling

IAM Cycling is a Swiss team who were formed and marked as UCI world tour team. The Team is powered by the Swiss Investment Management Company, Independent Asset Management (IAM). The team is newly form and was founded on 2013, they are the team who were selected as a wild card entry for the competition in Paris-Nice Race. At first, during the year 2013-14 the team was counted as the Continental team and later with great victories the team have mange to place themselves in the World Tour Team.
IAM Cycling

The IAM Cycling team is a Swiss Team so the maximum riders were from Switzerland while other riders were from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia etc.

The last victories of the tea IAM Cycling is seen by the riders- Heinrich Haussler, who is an Aussie and have won the title in the Australian Road Race championship. Jerome Coppel, a French Rider have won the title in the French Time Trial championship 2016 and also AleksejsSaramotins, have win the Latvian Road Race championship.

So they the expected rider to bring another title in the Tour of Britain 2016,under UCI Tour.

Team - JLT Condor

JLT-Condor were the continental cycling team who have the UCI codes of JLT. The main authority of the team is being from Britain, the team is consisting of many British riders.

JLT Condor

The team is sponsor by British Cycling company and Condor were the bicycle manufacturer of London. The team was formed recently on 2009 and were the new team to participate the UCI world cycling Race. The team has then finally known as JLT Condor represented by Mavic on 2016.
The recent achievement of the team were success by the rider Graham Briggs who stand first position in the Danum Trophy Road Race championship 2016 and also Richard Handley winning the title of Angela Davies Memorial Road Race 2016.

So above the complete team list, details and history of success and also the recent achievement of the team from Part 2 that will help us to predict the best riders and who would be the winner of the Tour of Britain 2016, under UCI cycling tour. For more information keep contact with us. 

Tour of Britain 2016 Participating Teams Part 1

The Tour Of Britain 2016 is starting from the 4th of September 2016 where many bicycle riders comes together in the Cycling summit in England. There are about 20 teams who were participating in the following tournament for the Cycling Road Race in British land. The Starting point for the first inaugural race will start from Beaumaris and ends on Wrexham for the first race. While the final bicycle road racing will end at London by 10th of September.

Every team is distributed equally in terms of parts while Tour of Britain 2016 participating teams Part 1 there are following international team riding in the part 1 team. The team comprised of An-Post-Chain-Reaction, BMC Racing Team & Cult Energy Pro Energy.

The one week challenge for the Cycling Road Race in England will be one of the most important cycling tournament for the Team as the Aviva 2016 Tour of Britain will be remarkable for the team and riders with great effort to provide entertaining bicycle race.

Tour of Britain 2016 Participating Team 1

The tour of Britain 2016 is a very great summit of bicycling riders where many participate the race for the pride of their country and teams. All the teams is consisting more than 20-25 bicycle rider for the competition and among all the riders only the First, Second and third will be announced winner. While all the riders have to try their best for achieving victory and travel along the distance upto 200km for completing the race.

The Bicycle Road Race will continue for a week in London where the cycling spirits will continue to hit the road from 4th September to till 10th of September 2016. So here below we are going to show you the complete guide for the Team Part 1 participating the Bicycle Road Race, London 2016.

An Post Chain Reaction

An Post Chain Reaction is an UCI continental professional Bicycling Racing Team where the team consist of about more than 20 riders in the team. An Post Chain Reaction is marked as UCI Continental Professional Cycling team.
An Post Chain Reaction
An Post Chain Reaction
The team is newly formed and founded on 2006 which have brought many victories for the Team. For the recent time in 2016 Ryan Mullen has won the title for the Ireland Time Trial, while AidisKruopis from the An Post Chain Reaction Team have become the winner of the Lithuania Road Race.So they the latest and best expectation for the team to bring the victories into the team; While for more information tune in on 4th of September 2016.

BMC racing Team

The team BMC Racing Team was the UCI world Tour Team which have participate many world tours cycling competition and won numerous Titles. It is a European Team comprising of countries like USA, Belgium, Italy, Australia, France and others.
BMC racing Team
BMC racing Team
The team is managed by Jim Ochowicz and the main sponsor for the team is Switzerland. The team have won the Titles for the National, Continental and World championship as recently 2016,the team have brought great victories where the riders SilvanDillier- winner of the Swiss National Time Trial Champion held in Switzerland, while another great rider Danilo Wyss have won the title for the Swiss National Road Race Championship held in Switzerland 2016.

Cult Energy Pro Energy

Cult Energy Pro Energy is the professional bicycle team from Denmark and have become on of the UCI Pro Continental Team which have achieve great success in their lifetime.
Cult Energy Pro Energy
Cult Energy Pro Energy
The team is founded from the year 2000 and have starts their victories from the year of 2004. In the year 2004, the riders named Max Nielsen have won the title of Tour De Maroc and also in China.While the last tournament won by the team was on 2016, where the riders like Mads Pedersen have won the title ZLM Roompot Tour; Linus Gerdemann who have won the title Tour de Luxembourg; Martin Mortensen have won the title in the Tour of Velothon Wales and also Gustav Larsson have mark the first place for the tour in Sweden Time Trial Championships.

So all the important players are present in the team, hence the expectation is very high for the Pro- Continental team to win the British Tour on 10th Of September 2016; while the team is fully set for the starting race on 4th of September 2016. And soon after the final stage has reached will reveal the winner of the Tour Of British 2016 and will mark the world best bicycle rider.For more information, keep visiting us to more fun facts and actions informations.

Tour of Britain 2016 Stage List | Tour of Britain 2016 Route

Tour of Britain 2016 Stage List :The Great Britain is very famous for the Cycling tournament in the nation while the Aviva Tour of Britain 2016 is the cycling tournament for the Men’s Professional Road Cycling Race. In the cycling Tour of Britain 2016, there will be 8 stages for the complete cycling race competition.

The great tournament of cycling is going to start on 4th of September 2016, England. The tournament will continue racing till 11th of September 2016 where ultimately the race ends in London, with the total distance for 1,451 Km or 901.6 Miles.

Tour of Britain 2015 Stage List
Tour of Britain 2016 Stage List 
The tournament is participated by many riders from different countries which include most of the Europe countries like Germany, Italy, Spain etc. and also United State of America.

Tour of Britain 2016 Stage List 

The Aviva Tour of Britain 2016 for the competition of Men’s Professional road cycling race is comprised of 8 stages which will take place in the road of England. The road cycling race for the Men’s professional cycling will start from the stage of North Wales and finishes in the central core of London.

The race will continue from 4th till 11th of September 2016 with an interval of 8 stages.Check out the complete guide for the following  Tour of Britain 2016 Stage list  below:-

Stage #1: Beaumaris to Wrexham

The grand opening of Tour Of Britain 2016; Men’s professional Road cycling Race will start from the 4th of September. And the riders will start their first Race of the Tournament in Beaumaris that will finish on the town of Wrexham.

The tour will have the total distance of 177 Km or 110 Miles, while the riders has to travel along the Beaumaris via Menai Bridge, Llanberis, Llanrwst, Denbigh, Ruthin, Mold, Buckley and finally Wrexham to become the finishing line.

Stage #2: Clitheroe to Colne

The second stage will continue on Monday i.e. 5th of September 2016. The race come along the Clitheroe running through Nick O’Pendle, Whalley, Longridge, Dunsop Bridge, Slaidburn, Barnoldswick, Earby, Clitheroe, Whalley, Nelson and the finishing line on Colne.

The total distance of the race track for the second stage is about 162 Km or 101 Miles.

Stage #3: Cockmouth to Floors Castle

For the third stage the level of competition become more aggressive travelling in different harsh road. On 6th of September, the Race starts from Cockermouth, Maryport, Silloth, Carlisle, Gretna, Canonbie, Newcastleton, Hawick, Selkirk, Melrose, Kelso and finally ending to the street of Floors Castle.

The total distance is covering massive distance upto 216 Km or 134 miles where this stage is seem to be the third longest track of the tournament.

Stage #4: Edinburgh to Blyth

In the fourth stage, the track will be tougher while the long distance of 218 Km or 135 Miles which is remark as the second longest distance. The race starts from the starting point from Edinburgh, Duns, Coldstream, Wooler, Alnwick, Ashington, Morpeth and the race will finally ends on Blyth.

Stage #5: Prudhoe to Hartside Fell

On the 7th of September 2016, the 5th stages continues to race the ground from the street Prudhoe, Hexham, Hadrian’s Wall, Brampton, Ullswater, Penrith, Melmerby and finally the riders will end their fifth stage on Hartside Fell.

The total distance travelling from Prudhoe to Hartside Fell is covering about 171 Km or 106 Miles in the track. All the riders have to be on track for continuing their race to the final stage.

Stage #6: Stoke-on-Trent to Nottingham

The 6th stage which is falling on 8th of September will carry all the riders to the track for their next stage travelling from Stoke-on-Trent, Leek, Buxton, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Hathersage, Bakewell, Matlock, Cromford, Belper, Ilkeston and finally ends on Nottingham.

The total distance covering from Stroke-on-Trent is 189 Km or 117 miles on the road. All the riders has to travelling along this long road to reach to the final stage.

Stage #7: Fakenham to Ipswich

This is the second last stage of the Tour Of Britain 2016, cycling tournament where all the riders have to travel along the total distance of about 225 Km or 140 miles. This track is considered as the longest track among the Tour Of Britain 2016 road race.

The distance is travelling from Fakenham, Aylsham, Norwich, Wymondham, Attleborough, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Needham Market, Hadleigh, East Bergholt, and the race ends on Ipswich Street with an approach to the final stage.

Stage #8: London

The final stage of the Tour Of Britain 2016 Cycling race will ends on the centre of London which is calculated as the distance of about 93 km or 58 miles. Here the touchdown of finishing line, the Race will ultimately end. And the winner of the Tour of Britain 2016 cycling tournament will be revealed.

So here above are the complete guides for Tour of Britain 2016 Stage List. And for the best and total mapping of all the track comprising of racing track and towns that the track are plotted is all provided above.Enjoy the cycling spirit, and keep visiting us for more informations.

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